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The Evolution of Search

PUBLISHED 10/26/11


In 1993, the World Wide Web was made available to all. As there began a startling growth of new websites segmented toward particular categories, consumers needed a way to find and digest the... Read More

Targeting and Consumer Privacy: FUOR’s Policy

By: Matthew N. Klein
PUBLISHED 04/14/11

It is almost impossible to avoid the raging debate in today’s press surrounding online ad targeting and marketers’ use of consumer data.  The senate is currently addressing concerns in consumer... Read More

The ad exchange revolution: Crucial insights

By: Josh Dreller
PUBLISHED 11/07/11

We're arguably two to three years into the exchange buying revolution. I say arguably because buying online display ads via a real-time, auction-based model has been around in several forms for... Read More

The Technology Behind Autobidding: Q&A With OptiMine’s Dr. Rob Cooley

By: Josh Dreller
PUBLISHED 11/07/11

Autobidders. Every SEM management tool has one. The promise is powerful: simply input the performance you’re trying to achieve and sit back, have a sody-pop, and smile as the little robots make... Read More

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