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Digital creative built for RESULTS

Digital content works best when it’s designed to be digital content. It’s critical that our clients put forward compelling content and advertising creative to drive results from the media placements we secure. While we are not a full-service creative agency, Fuor does have partnerships with publishers, technology providers, and crowd-sourcing communities to leverage our digital media spend and expertise for creative asset design and production. We also provide consultation for website interaction and user-experience best practices to help you get the most bang from your media buck.

At Fuor, we can develop results-driven creative assets at significantly discounted costs across the following formats:

  • Banners: Standard, Rich Media and Mobile
  • Landing Pages: Static, Dynamic, and Mobile
  • Dynamic Ad Units: Creative generated on the fly based on the target audience, geographic location, previous on-site search behaviors, time of day, day of week, temperature, etc.
  • Facebook Tabs: Polls, surveys, gift sharing, forms, video, image sharing, etc.
  • Mobile WAP sites
  • Search Engine Marketing copy
  • On-site image and video assets


Relevant Resources

Research Briefs:

Online Media Creative Messaging Best Practices

By: Diane Staffan

Increasing the effectiveness of your creative messaging can increase online media campaign performance significantly, so this month's research brief provides some insights into creative messaging best practices for online display advertising, email marketing, mobile phone marketing and rich media.

Research Briefs:

The Creative Impact on Performance

By: Diane Staffan and Abigail DiFazio

The most impactful element, in conjunction with media, to consider when developing a digital campaign is creative execution. The technology advancements in rich media, video, and dynamic creative have enabled quality brand interactions that at one time could only exist on a brand's website to now occur in the consumer's active online environment. This research brief focuses on a few of the creative tactics that will be heavily considered by marketers in 2010.


The State of Digital Display 2

By: Kathryn Koegel

This white paper is data-packed with insights from the leading research companies about what is actually happening in the online display sector. Compete, comScore, DynamicLogic, The IAB, InsightExpress, Microsoft Advertising and The Nielsen Company have all contributed to this bigger picture of trends in spend, measurement and usage plus an update on ad networks and exchanges.