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Putting the MEDIA in Social Media

Social Media provides tremendous opportunities to engage your audience and grow your business but only if used appropriately. Brands that push their way into the conversation will be ignored or even reviled. However, brands that add value and enhance the conversation will be rewarded with customer loyalty.

At Fuor, we’ve developed a two-fold approach to help our clients maximize social media performance:

  • Paid Media: We build paid media partnerships with social networks like Facebook and Twitter to build connections, drive traffic to social environments, and create opportunities for brands to engage with the social community. Fuor Digital understands that every Facebook fan and every Twitter follower is a business opportunity and our team puts the processes and metrics in place to generate new customers through paid social media placements.
  • Engagement Management: We drive the conversion from brand lover to brand ambassador by incentivizing fan passions, guiding conversation, listening to consumer feedback, participating in organic dialogue and rewarding advocacy. Fuor Digital organizes, facilitates, and enables our client’s social media efforts through its toolset for monitoring, listening and reporting areas for engagement.

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