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Web Analytics means MORE than just tagging

For every digital media marketing campaign that we deliver, we go beyond the click and work with our clients to understand the impact of every interaction on key website performance indicators. Fuor Digital is a leader in web analytics and currently chairs the Standards Committee of the Web Analytics Association. Our comprehensive web analytics solutions help you determine the effectiveness of not just your digital media but all your media. And we can make recommendations to substantially improve performance.

At Fuor, web analytics is more than a service, it’s a way of life:

  • Selection: Identify the most effective web analytics packages via Omniture, Google Analytics, CoreMetrics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, Clicky, Piwick, WebTrends, ClickTracks and other technology providers.
  • Implementation: Work with your IT team to seamlessly incorporate all the tracking tags in the proper places on your website.
  • Monitoring: Visualize and understand the flow of traffic throughout your website as well as sources of inbound and outbound visitors.
  • Reporting: Develop custom dashboards for real-time historical website performance analysis.
  • Testing: Design and develop a test environment to determine the most cost effective traffic paths as they relate to conversions.

Relevant Resources

Research Briefs:

Behavioral Targeting: A Cause for Privacy Concern?

By: Abigail DiFazio and Patrick Walsh

Advertisers are able to reach consumers with the most relevant information possible through behavioral targeting techniques that use "cookies". The misconception of what information is gathered through cookies and how it is then used by advertisers has resulted in government involvement. This research brief illuminates what personal information is collected from consumers and how it is used in behavioral targeting.


The Challenge of Metrics in Digital Marketing

By: Jacques Bughin, Amy Guggenheim Shenkan, and Marc Singer of McKinsey

This McKinsey Quarterly study examines the challenge of measurement that the digital media marketing industry is currently struggling with. Free Registration Required.