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Fuor Digital Follows Path To Conversion To Increase Return on Investment For Clients’ Marketing Do


CHICAGO, IL (JANUARY, 2009) – In today’s volatile economy, advertising and marketing budgets are coming under more and more scrutiny and are being required to show a greater return on investment by companies who are looking for places to save money. Fuor Digital, a Chicago-based digital media marketing agency, is using a new metric called conversion attribution to help clients spend their digital marketing dollars more intelligently, ultimately increasing both ROI and the ability to measure it.

Traditionally, the effectiveness of a digital media campaign is measured by “last click metrics,” which means that only placements that lead directly to a conversion are counted as successes. However, this does take into account the impact of other placements on driving that click, making it difficult to acturately measure ROI. By following the entire path that a customer followed and understanding all of the events they were exposed to, from search, e-mail, display, mobile and even video ads, marketers can get a deeper understanding of how their entire digital media mix is working together to ultimately lead to a conversion. This gives a clear picture of how digital advertising dollars should be allocated based on where they are most effectively influencing customer purchasing behavior. It also means online campaigns can now make adjustments to any online touch point in real time to optimize campaign performance.

Fuor Digital, one of the nation’s foremost specialists in digital media marketing and analytics, employs this technology to fine tune all their clients web-based marketing tactics. “Research has shown that by only measuring success from the last ad interaction, you ignore more than 95 percent of the total media interactions,” says Joshua Dreller, director of media technology and analytics at Fuor Digital. “Advertisers deserve better. To get the full picture, you have to look at every aspect leading up to the purchase and that’s what we’re doing at Fuor Digital.”

“One of the common discoveries our clients make when they are first able to see how their online strategies are performing is whether their online ads, email campaigns and search engine efforts are working together,” remarks Kelly Miller, vice president, media director at Fuor Digital. “Although display advertising, email and search engine methods will yield results independently, they have much greater potential for higher returns when used together. Our goal is to make it easier for companies to place their online dollars where it will impact them the most.”

Path to conversion has been a driving force in helping clients such as EverBank and Navigon maximize their marketing dollars, and providing solid evidence of where marketing dollars are effectively spent. “Fuor presented us with a detailed report on how our online display advertising was working together with our search engine optimization,” says Matthew Mowat, VP Marketing at Navigon. “This is data that we were never able to see before, and enforced how successful our digital media dollars were being spent, meaning that we could be more strategic and effective with our entire digital media spend.”

By capturing the real time data and activity of individual consumers, Fuor Digital is able to paint a more accurate picture for their clients and show them where their money is best going to be spent. “We feel that we have cracked the code by utilizing the new ‘conversion attribution,’ concept,” says Dreller. “Our process of ‘path to conversion’ ensures the success of all digital media campaigns by tracking consumers’ digital habits in real time and optimizing a campaign to reflect these habits.”

“Fuor has helped us quantify the idea that digital media requires a cumulative approach rather than viewing it as individual autonomous channels that operate in silos,” comments Mowat. “Fuor’s work has shown that you can’t remove one aspect of a total campaign. The sum of the campaign is stronger than any one part.”

Conversion attribution is not only setting a standard for digital media, but is also helping to shape the future of traditional media, leading to new concepts and theories that will make many forms of media easier to track and show return. “The work that we are doing on the digital side today is spearheading the way it will present itself in the future for all types of media,” says Matthew Klein, co-founder and chief executive officer of Fuor Digital.

About Fuor Digital

Fuor Digital is a full-service, Chicago-based digital media agency, specializing in all aspects of digital media campaigns, including digital strategy, advertising, search engine marketing and optimization, e-mail marketing, mobile phone marketing and web analytics. Founded in 2006, Fuor Digital believes in helping their clients master the digital media mix by using all appropriate mediums cohesively, and focuses on creating quantifiable results to help clients track and understand the ROI on their digital media investment. With their breakthrough conversion attribution system and seats on the Standards Committee of the Web Analytics Association and Click Quality Council, Fuor Digital is an innovative leader in the digital media industry.

Fuor Digital is a Kelly, Scott & Madison company. For more information about Fuor Digital and their digital media services, please visit

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