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Fuor Digital Moderates Search Marketing Panel


Josh Dreller of Fuor Digital Moderates Search Marketing Panel at OMMA Global

Panel of experts in search marketing industry discussed the need and methods to assign monetary value to all search marketing campaigns

March 23, 2009 – Hollywood, CA: Josh Dreller, the Director of Media Technology & Analytics for Fuor Digital, a Chicago-based digital media agency, served as the moderator of an OMMA panel today titled “Search Attribution for Marketers: From Spray & Pray to Performance and Profit.” The panel, made up of Dreller, Esco Strong, the Group Manager for Market Research at Microsoft, and Glenn Mar of Mediaplex, talked about the need to accurately attribute, and ultimately monetize, search marketing tactics and how those tactics interact with a marketing campaign’s use of the entire digital media mix.

For his part, Dreller spoke about the need to view search marketing in the context of all the other pieces of a campaign. In light of the economic hardships everyone in the audience was facing, Dreller said that understanding the real metrics and ROI was key to maximizing the efficiency, visibility and overall effectiveness of any digital media campaign.

“Digital media is a constantly evolving, and the traditional metrics that have been used aren’t adequate anymore,” said Dreller. “In order to create a truly performance-based marketing strategy, companies need to be able to monetize every aspect of their campaigns appropriately, so they can understand what is working and what isn’t, and shift resources appropriately.”

Dreller kept the session focused around learning to set up an effective attribution model, creating and achieving appropriate goals, discussing the best technologies and tools to enable tracking and acting, and finally, understanding the necessary skills required to make all of this happen, either in-house or externally with an agency.

“It’s important to understand how the entire digital media mix works together,” Dreller said in summary of the panel. “A banner ad can lead to a search for a video which in turn can lead to a web search which ultimately leads to a conversion. With traditional models, only the last click counts. So by that logic, the banner ad and the video were wasted money. However, they helped create enough brand awareness for the consumer to perform the final search, and deserve the credit and future resource allocation that
they’ve earned.”

About Joshua Dreller

Joshua Dreller is the Director of Media Technology and Analytics of Chicago-based digital media agency Fuor Digital. Joshua sits on the Standards Committee for the Web Analytics Association, a collaborative effort between WAA members, vendors, agencies, practitioners and thought leaders to provide standard definitions and promote consistency of the most widely used terms across the analytics industry. is a Certified Google Analytics Professional, Microsoft adExcellence member and Yahoo Search Ambassador and designates his expertise and commitment to their search marketing platforms. Joshua also authors the industry blog “In the Trenches” that reviews and reports on the newest features and products for search engine marketing professionals. He also routinely attends and speaks at industry conferences including OMMA, iMedia, SES, and ad: tech.

Joshua graduated from Florida State University in 1997 with a B.F.A. in Motion Pictures, Television, and Recording Arts and is a member of MENSA.

About Fuor Digital

Fuor Digital is a full-service, Chicago-based digital media agency, specializing in all aspects of digital media campaigns, including digital strategy, advertising, search engine marketing and optimization, e-mail marketing, mobile phone marketing and web analytics. Founded in 2006, Fuor Digital believes in helping their clients master the digital media mix by using all appropriate mediums cohesively, and focuses on creating quantifiable results to help clients track and understand the ROI on their digital media investment. With their breakthrough conversion attribution system and seats on the Standards Committee of the Web Analytics Association and Click Quality Council, Fuor Digital is an innovative leader in the digital media industry.

Fuor Digital is a Kelly, Scott & Madison Company. For more information about Fuor Digital and their digital media services, please visit

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