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November 2011
Marketing Mistake #15: Not Bidding on Your Branded Terms in Paid Search



Marketers are always keeping tabs on their budget to see where they...

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We update this section regularly with digital media marketing insights that examine trends in digital media each condensed into one document for you.

The Evolution of Search

PUBLISHED 10/26/11


In 1993, the World Wide Web was made available to all. As there began a startling growth of new websites segmented toward particular...

Targeting and Consumer Privacy: FUOR’s Policy

By: Matthew N. Klein
PUBLISHED 04/14/11

It is almost impossible to avoid the raging debate in today’s press surrounding online ad targeting and marketers’ use of consumer data.  The...

Goodbye TV, Hello Video

By: Kay Wesolowski
PUBLISHED 04/05/11

For the majority of our history, video content has been controlled by the Big Three Television Networks: ABC, CBS and NBC. During the 1950’s and...

Traditional Media or Digital Media? Both.

By: Kelly Miller
PUBLISHED 11/30/10

It is hard to believe that just five years ago the internet was still considered unchartered territory for a majority of advertisers. In the past...

The Prime Opportunity Market: Males Online

By: Kelly Miller and Jessica Roy
PUBLISHED 10/12/10

Although “digital moms” and women in general seem to be getting the majority of attention these days when it comes to online media executions, the...

New Technologies in Marketing

By: Sean Dickson, Maureen Hultgen and Sara Rennich
PUBLISHED 06/25/10

As marketers are constantly faced with technological innovations, it is important to understand how to utilize these marketing mediums in new and...

The ad exchange revolution: Crucial insights

By: Josh Dreller
PUBLISHED 11/07/11

We're arguably two to three years into the exchange buying revolution. I say arguably because buying online display ads via a real-time,...

The Technology Behind Autobidding: Q&A With OptiMine’s Dr. Rob Cooley

By: Josh Dreller
PUBLISHED 11/07/11

Autobidders. Every SEM management tool has one. The promise is powerful: simply input the performance you’re trying to achieve and sit back,...

The Next Steps In Robotics And Computer Vision: Behavior Analysis, Situational Awareness

By: Devin Coldewey, TechCrunch
PUBLISHED 08/25/11

We’ve seen some interesting developments lately in the fields of robotics and computer vision. They’re not as academic as you’d expect: enormous...

How the Digital World is Changing the Way Agencies Do Business

By: Heather Whaling, Mashable
PUBLISHED 07/21/11

Social media has fundamentally changed the way agencies work. In a recent interview with Mashable, Razorfish’s Grant Owens predicted that agencies...

How Do Colors Affect Our Purchases?

By: KISS Metrics
PUBLISHED 05/20/11

For retailers, shopping is the art of persuasion. Though there are many things that influence how and why consumers buy. However, a great deal is...

Marketing to Boomers

By: AdAge Insights
PUBLISHED 04/06/11

The generation that defined youth marketing for Madison Avenue is readying for retirement. Here’s what they’re thinking,and what marketers should...

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