Work // Showcase // Madison Square Garden Presents The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

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Madison Square Garden Presents The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Services Utilized

  • Online Display Advertising
  • Rich Media
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Video

Campaign Objectives

  • Drive sales and awareness of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
  • Determine the impact that digital media has on consumer purchase intent for the New York production of RCCS and understand the competitive landscape to best estimate ticket sales in highly competitive marketplace

Tactical Approach

  • Differentiate Radio City Christmas Spectacular from Wintuk due to the exact same run dates, similar holiday content and target audience thru extensive targeting and use of video
  • Unique sponsorships around both family focused and geo-location based content
  • Implemented a brand study to measure competitive landscape and purchase intent


  • Digital campaign increased purchase intent among online audiences
  • Users that were exposed to banner ads have a higher intent to purchase RCCS tickets than users that were not exposed.
  • The purchase intent lift increased significantly as the campaign neared the Christmas holiday weekend

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