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Services Utilized

  • Mobile Phone Marketing
  • Rich Media
  • Web Analytics

Campaign Objectives

  • Develop a mobile marketing campaign that will build the Gordmans SMS database and remarket to opt-in users to drive in-store traffic and sales

Tactical Approach

  • Develop campaign in two phases

Phase 1:  

  • Incorporate a sweepstakes program to increase opt-in users
  • Build data base by reaching target audience as they are actively searching the internet on their mobile phone

Phase 2:

  • Create a SMS program to speak to subscriber database to drive in-store traffic during peak selling periods
  • Integrate offline media (TV/Print) and in store POS to promote SMS campaign and continue to grow database


  • The average in-store purchase increased by over 120% from the week previous with the  mobile offer
  • Sign up to the mobile database increased by over 100% with the integration of traditional media and an additional 25% with a supplemental email campaign

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