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Health & Disability Advocates

Services Utilized

  • Email Marketing
  • Online Display Advertising
  • Rich Media
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Video

Campaign Objectives

  • Establish “Think Beyond The Label” as a relevant, recognized national cause amongst key corporate hiring decision-makers
  • Raise awareness of benefits of hiring people with disabilities
  • Position as resource for employers
  • Drive employers to digital hub where they are able to:
    • Become more educated about employing people with disabilities
    • Take action efficiently by connecting directly with the source for qualified candidates

Tactical Approach

  • Use a variety of media best suited to make the business case for hiring people with disabilities on a national level
    • National Television: Provides impactful visual message in premium, mass-reach environments
    • Print: Provides enhanced exposure in highly targeted environments
    • Digital: Allows for extended brand interaction and engagement (Search, Display Rich media and Video)
  • Employ innovative media strategies to effectively reach key audience segments most likely to enact change at their organizationand ensure target audience engagement to drive interest and response
  • Education focused on disrupting misconceptions regarding hiring people with disabilities


  • News & information content proved to be leading vehicles for branding by aligning with trusted properties and reaching users on a daily basis
  • Brand engagement rates remained above the services industry average,  demonstrating the appeal of the content to the target 
  • Rich media banners allowed for in depth brand engagement directly within the banner

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