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Kissimmee Convention and Visitors Bureau

Services Utilized

  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Phone Marketing
  • Online Display Advertising
  • Rich Media
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Sponsorship


  • Brand Awareness via a high volume, efficient media plan to ensure a large-scale brand “splash” utilizing display, mobile, email, sponsorships, content integration, social media and sweepstakes
  • Brand Engagement via website
  • KPI’s: Lead generation, growth of email and mobile database, sweepstakes entry

Tactical Approach

  • Utilize a variety of digital media targeting users that are interested in Florida travel, supported by high reach against our core target audience
  • Digital media mix to garner a very low percent duplication across all content sites
  • To achieve a mass reach with low frequency, use of sites with 200k+ monthly unique visitors
  • Employ various targeting techniquesincluding geo, contextual and behavioral
  • Track user path to better understand how the digital media mix allocation impacts key performance indicators


  • Increase in total room bookings and booking dollars, almost double that of the lofty competition
  • Conversion insight: regardless of offer, users must be exposed to message multiple times in order to take action
  • Surpassed key performance indicator goals across the board

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