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La Brea Bakery

Services Utilized

  • Digital Content Development
  • Online Display Advertising
  • Rich Media
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Sponsorship

Campaign Objectives

  • Build brand awareness and engagement amongst consumers with little to no brand recognition within La Brea Bakery’s core target audiences
  • Create a national branding halo in conjunction with traditional media

Tactical Approach

  • Develop a campaign that will build brand awareness, brand favorability and purchase intent, ultimately driving consumers into the store locations to purchase La Brea Bakery artesian breads
  • Incorporate a search engine advertising program to complement and enhance all marketing efforts
  • Increased weekly site traffic by over 99% from pre-campaign
  • Employ techniques known to have strong performance against branding objectives (e.g. rich media)


  • Increased weekly site traffic by over 99% from pre-campaign
  • Exposure from the paid media influenced consumers to not only visit the site ‘organically,’ but to also engage with the brand
    • Almost 20% increase in the average weekly ‘organic’ visits to the site
    • Referring site visits increased by over 50% by the end of the flight
  • Each media vehicle (paid search, display) and site category (food content, lifestyle content, ad networks) has shown success and continue to funnel an increased number of consumers to the web site while expanding brand
  • Display ads continue to influence customers to search on branded keywords, increasing search volume by almost 500% in one quarter

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